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Welcome to Beauty and Mess, a place to learn from others and simply, have fun. We love to promote good vibes, be it from make up or lifestyle tips. We also love to show you some do it yourself make up tips to create organic products, as well as products that are brill for the skin and more.
We also have sections on childcare, as well as wellness, interiors, lifestyle and more. This blog started with Marta (me) but it has branched out so much further than that!
We welcome you and hope you will stay!
lucy wainright
Hi, I'm Marta, I love creating my own skincare products, perfumes and more. Learn with me how to make essentials! x About me
beauty and mess
We hope you find this site informative and modern, and that you can learn a lot! We would love to work with you as well as engage and create content for the site. This is a collaborative blog and we welcome beauty tips from the world over. 
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