February 25, 2022

The 4 Best Floor Plan Apps to Start Planning Your Home

Designing your dream home is more than just fun, it's exciting. There are so many different ideas to consider besides the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, such as floor plan and furniture arrangement. With the modern technology available to us, designing your dream home is easier than ever. There are some applications for your phone or tablet that you can use to plan out your floor plan while considering different furniture arrangements all while being in the comfort of your own home

Here are the 4 best floor plan apps you can use to start planning your home.

Planner 5D Floor Plan App (iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows)

The Planner 5D app is a great tool to use if you're considering changing the layout of your home and need ideas. The best part of this app is its simplicity. You can see your floor plan in 3D, change the furniture layout with just a few taps, and save the designs to your camera roll.

How to Use the Planner 5D Floor Plan App

Open the app and choose your home floor plan. Tap "My Floor Plans" on the top of the screen to save your progress after you're done. Tap "Furniture Plus" and choose any of the available 3D furniture. You can change the size and color, and rotate the selected item to fit your needs. When you're finished, tap "Save" and select the place where you want to save the floor plan.

Advantages of Planner 5D Floor Plan App

The Planner 5D app is great to use if you're a visual person because it turns your floor plan into a 3D layout. It's simple to use and enables you to share your floor plans with others.

The app can also help you determine where to rearrange your furniture. It has a wide variety of modern furniture so you can experiment with different layouts. You can also save your floor plan to your camera roll and import it into another app that you want to use.

Floor Planner Pro (Web)

The Floor Planner Pro app is another great tool for your home design project. If you're not an artist or designer, don't worry, this app also provides tutorial videos so you can easily add furniture to your design. This application is used by people like yourself looking to design their home all the way to industry professionals!

How to Use the Floor Planner Pro Floor Plan App

Just start a new project when you sign up and off you go! You can switch between metric and imperial units, but it's recommended to stick with one unit system to have a consistent layout. You can also rotate the floor plan in 3D so you get the best viewing angle. Add furniture by tapping "Choose Furniture." You can easily adjust the size, color, and quantity of the item. Once you're done editing, tap "Done" to save your work.

Advantages of Using Planner Pro App for Your Floor Plan Design

You can easily change the size, color, and rotate any furniture. This app has a built-in library so you don't have to search for furniture to add to your design. Get inspired by browsing through the gallery of other users' designs.

Floor Planner Pro has the nifty feature that it can produce images of your potential floor plan. So you can really get a visual representation of your home layout. This can range from a simple 2d image all the way to a fully rendered realistic 3d image!

Roomstyler Floor Plan App (Web)

This is another great app to design your home floor plan. It doesn't have the option to import a floor plan from a third-party tool, but it offers much more functionality. You can rotate the floor plans in 3D and easily edit the selected floor plan.

How to Use the Roomstyler Floor Plan App

Open the app and tap "Add a New Floor Plan." You can then select a room and change the size and shape. You can also rotate the floor plan in 3D to choose the best viewpoint. When you're done editing, tap "Save & Share" to save the floor plan and share it on social media.

Advantages of Using the Roomstyler App For Your Floor Plan

This application allows you to see your design rendered in 3d. You also have the option, sharing your creation with the world!

Floor Plan Creator (Web & Android)

You can also use this app to design your home floor plan. You won't find the option to import a floor plan from SketchUp, but it does have more features than the first two apps. Floor Plan Creator lets you design your floor plan by drawing the room size on the screen. After that, you can add furniture to your design. Also this application has the feature to generate .obj files that can be imported to 3d rendering software such as Blender.

How to Use Floor Plan Creator App

Open the app and tap or visit he site You can then draw the size of the room on the screen. The dimensions are displayed in centimetres, so you'll want to switch your app's unit system to centimetres. You can also change the room shape by selecting one of the nodes and dragging it to the required size.

You can also add furniture to your floor plan. Making it far easier to plan out furniture arrangements of larger items such as display cabinets and sofas.

Advantages of Using Floor Plan Creator for Your Home Foor Plan Design

You don't need to import a floor plan from a third-party tool. This app is best for drawing accurate floor plans because you can monitor the measurements as you work on them. You can also add your dimensions and measurements by typing in the values.

In conclusion

These are the 4 best floor plan apps to use when designing your home. Each has its pros and cons, but they all will help you design your home in 3D. You can also use any of these apps to design your interior and add your own little personal touches. Adding warmth and feel to you home floor plan.

Thank you for reading this article on the 4 best floor planning apps! I hope you enjoyed it, while you are here. I have other articles including can you lose weight in a steam room and a guide on furnishing your apartment!

February 25, 2022
The 4 Best Floor Plan Apps to Start Planning Your Home

Designing your dream home is more than just fun, it's exciting. There are so many different ideas to consider besides the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, such as floor plan and furniture arrangement. With the modern technology available to us, designing your dream home is easier than ever. There are some applications for your phone […]

February 25, 2022
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